The beginner’s guide to buying Viagra in India

Buying Viagra Pills in India

The little blue pill is widely considered to be the magic bullet for curing ED. For a pill this good, it must come with a high price, right?

The answer depends on where you’re looking.

In this overview, we’ll analyze why Indian Viagra is so cheap compared to the going rates within the United States. You will get a quick guide to buying generic Indian Viagra, otherwise known as Sildenafil citrate, for the cheapest prices possible. Readers will also gain insight into the safety and risks of shopping for Viagra made in India.

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When Does Viagra Patent in USA Expire?

When Does Viagra Patent in USA Expire?

When the validity of the Viagra patent will expire? What are the cheap alternatives to this drug and where to get them? In this article you will find the answers on all these questions. Also, you will find out why generics are safe, how they differ from the original Viagra, where to buy and how to choose them.

Viagra is a well-known drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (here and below ED), which is used by thousands of men around the world. This medicine is so famous that often the name “Viagra” is synonymous with a means to improve potency.

The only drawback of this medication is its high price. Of course, sexual activity and confidence is worth a lot, but not every man can pay about $25 for a pill.

A lot of pharmaceutical companies have found a way out how to make the drug more accessible. They produce generic Viagra, which are not inferior to branded medicines in efficiency and have an identical composition. The price of such generics is much lower and they can be bought by almost everyone. Moreover, such medicines are sold without a prescription.

At the moment, generic Viagra is not sold in the US for legal reasons. Why did this happen?

Why Generic Viagra Is Not Available in the US

In most countries, generics of Viagra are freely available, as the term of the

Viagra patent expired in 2012. But in the US, this patent was recognized as the original and was extended until 2020. This means that in any American pharmacy you cannot buy generic based on Sildenafil.

What can do men who want to get rid of problems with erection? They have 2 options:

  1. Buy brand Pfizer Viagra in pharmacies at a high price. You can buy it only with the prescription of a doctor and in fact not every man at the slightest “malfunctions” with his potency is ready to talk about this with a doctor. To maintain potency at a high level, men with a problematic erection (especially the elderly) need to constantly use tablets. This means that because of the high price, not everyone can afford it. It remains only to wait for until the Viagra’s patent ends.
  2. Order generic drugs based on sildenafil in an international online pharmacy. They are sold at a bargain price and do not require the prescription from a doctor. To use them, you do not have to wait for the patent to run out.

Do not be afraid to buy generics. They are also effective, reliable and safe, as well as branded medicines.
When Does Viagra Patent in USA Expire?

About Viagra

Erectile dysfunctionBy creating Viagra, pharmacists did not suspect that their invention would be used to treat erectile dysfunction. This drug based on sildenafil was developed to normalize blood pressure in pulmonary hypertension. Soon it turned out that Viagra has an unexpected but pleasant side effect.

Viagra improves an erection with sexual arousal, makes it strong and stable. If problems with potency are not caused by hormonal imbalance or trauma and there is sexual desire, then Viagra should help. 93% of the interviewed men who took this drug noted improvement in their sexual life. Positive changes appeared even in those men who had severe form of erectile dysfunction.

Often, ED occurs against the background of depressants intake. It turns out to be the vicious circle – a man is being treated for depression, because of this he has problems with potency and thus he cannot completely cure own depression. Taking Viagra together with antidepressants helps to solve problems of a sexual nature.

Viagra is an effective, but not the only drug that is used to treat ED. In addition to it there are Cialis and Levitra, which are no less effective and have many positive reviews. There are also many generics based on sildenafil, Tadalafil and Vardenafil, which are not inferior in quality and effectiveness to the original drugs.

What Are Generic ED Drugs?

ViagraMost of the generics that are on sale in the international online store have the name “Viagra”. By this, they provide the service to the Pfizer company popularizing its drug. All of them are produced on the basis of sildenafil citrate, like the original Viagra. To buy them much is easier, their price is more affordable.

Is it worth to buy non-branded Viagra, is it safe? Many people are biased towards generics, believing that their low price is due to poor quality. In reality, a low price is just a real price, without overpaid for brand name. Buying generic, you pay only for medicine, and not for its famous name. Viagra (both generic and original) is manufactured according to the approved recipe, which remains unchanged. The only difference between generics is the large choice of sildenafil citrate dosage and cheap price. The Brand Viagra can be easily interchanged by its generics.

Where Generic Viagra Is Available?

As was mentioned above, in none state offline pharmacy US you will not be able to buy generic Viagra. You can get this drug either in another country or in an international online store. One of these stores is the ViaBestBuy pharmacy. In this online store, you can buy the drugs for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation you need, without waiting for the expiry date of the patent. Of course this can be done without a prescription. Still, before you purchase the medicine, it is advisable to consult with a doctor. The fact is that sildenafil has some contraindications to use, so sometimes (for example, you have chronic disease) the professional’s tip is needed. Buying goods in ViaBestBuy is absolutely legal.

Despite the fact that in Canada, generics based on sildenafil are sold completely legally, in the US, no changes in legislation will occur until 2020.

Viagra Patent Expiration in the United States

A lot of men looking for answer on such question: “When does the patent on Viagra expire in the USA?” The expiration date of Viagra’s is 2020. This will entail a total reduction in the price of the drug, so on the market in large quantities and with free access will appear generics of this drug. Most likely, the doctor’s prescription will also not be mandatory for the purchase of the medicine. Still, this will happen only in 2020. Until this time, to buy a remedy for improving potency profitable, will be possible only in online stores that specialize in international trade. Every year, more and more people stop fearing generics and give them their preference. Thousands of men return themselves to active sex life and revived own male power without overpaying extra money for the famous brand name of the medicine.

Viagra patent expiration in the US is April 2020

Generic Viagra as a Solution

Active sexual lifeOne of the main advantages of generic Viagra is the lack of the need to take a prescription from a doctor. Problems with erection are very delicate problem, and not every man wants to go with it to the doctor. Many men do not talk about such troubles to their sex partners and all the more they do not want tell this to outsider. Generic can be bought anonymously and without a prescription and this helps to avoid unpleasant emotions.

Since the medicine can be purchased without consulting with a doctor, it is necessary to start with a minimum dosage. For sildenafil, it is 25-50 mg. If the drug is well-tolerated, but its effect is not enough, you can increase the dosage. Gradually it can be increased up to 100 mg. In some cases, you can use even 200 mg. But in this case, you should to see a doctor and discuss the dosage with him. This also needs to be done if there are chronic illnesses.

Generics Viagra does not differ from the branded drug. Therefore, men who previously took the original drug will be able to switch to it’s more cheap counterpart. Also, you can order a test sample of 10 Viagra tablets to make sure the quality of the medicine.

How Generic Viagra Differ from the Original?

PriceWhat is the main difference between the generic on sildenafil base and original Viagra? If to compare the composition, quality, effectiveness, mechanism and speed of action, then there will be no difference. Both of these drugs are absolutely identical. Many men like generics even more, since them available in different doses, because in often cases the tablet of original Viagra should be divided in half in order to reduce the dosage.

The main significant differences of generics:

  • price;
  • convenient dosage;
  • no need in a prescription for purchase;
  • availability.

Thanks to an affordable price, many men are able to return to full-fledged sex life again.

Ordering Yours Today

To buy a generic Viagra is much easier than a branded drug. To do this, it is sufficient to perform the following actions:

  • talk with your doctor;
  • find a pharmacy that you can trust;
  • make an order.

Most online pharmacies provide “to door” delivery. Therefore, the buyer does not even need to leave the house to purchase the drug. In our pharmacy there are many discounts and bonuses that will allow you to spare even more money.

Talk to Your Doctor

DoctorEven if the man did not want to go to a doctor, in some cases, he still must do this. The drug can do harm to health if a person has contraindications. Therefore, men who have health problems, chronic diseases, age over 65 years old, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. Also, it is necessary to do this if there are problems with the cardiovascular system. If you previously have prescription to brand Viagra, then in this case, consultation is not needed. If you already took the brand Viagra, but it did not help you, do not rely on the effectiveness of generic. Most likely, erectile dysfunction in your case needs to be treated in different way.

Find a Reputable Online Pharmacy

The drug’s quality much depends on the pharmacy’s reliability (beware of fakes!). Read reviews about the store, pay attention to how many years their website works. Gather as much as possible information about the seller as there are unscrupulous companies selling fakes. Also, check the prices for generics. If the price of a site is very low, then this should cause suspicion. Remember that generics work just like branded drugs. Therefore, the promise of sellers that generic “make your penis bigger”, “acts as a stimulant” should alert you.

One of the pharmacies that confirmed its quality is ViaBestBuy. You can be confident in that you will get a quality product at a favorable price in the shortest time with convenient shipping.

Get a Free Sample

Free samples Viagra, Viagra Soft and CialisIf you buy generic at the first time, then is logical that you will want to try its action firstly. Few will want to buy a “pig in a poke”. Some online pharmacies offer free samples in 10 tablets, so that the buyer is convinced in the efficacy of medication. You will pay the buyer only for delivery.

When the pharmacy categorically refuses form providing a free sample, then this should also alert you. Perhaps the quality of the drug falls short of needs.

Online pharmacy ViaBestBay provides an opportunity to get a free sample of such drugs – Viagra 100 mg, Viagra Soft and Cialis 20 mg. All samples contain 10 tablets of the standard dosage.

Place Your Order

If you already choose the pharmacy, you need to make an order. Through the Internet, you can do it in few minutes. You just need to go on our website, select the right medicine and specify its amount. After payment, you will also need to choose the shipping method. Usual delivery lasts within a month. Express option shall take about a week.

How Generic Viagra Can Make a Difference?

Online storeWhile the length of the patent term is not over, generics will be more popular than the brand Viagra due to their lowered price and the possibility of purchasing without a prescription. Acquisition of generics is the first step towards to more active sex life, self-confidence and return of satisfaction. Due to the cheap cost you can take the drug as often as you need this (of course, you must follow all recommendations and avoid overdose), without thinking about how this will affect your budget. Thanks to the test sample, you will be able to see for yourself a quality and effectiveness of the drug.

ViaBestBuy company works directly with a manufacturer in India, so this pharmacy prices are favorably differed from offers of its competitors. We guarantee the quality!

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